Social Icons – Pro Sets

Social icons, they are used everywhere on websites and in print. The primary issue is there aren’t very many updated icon font sets that include the latest social sites. Sure these social icon sets include the most popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest but many social networking sites are missing. Furthermore many ofContinue Reading

Online Marketing & More

I had the privilege to speak for some wonderful servicemen and servicewomen at the Fleet and Family Support Center on the Coronado Naval Base. Here is the SlideShare from my  presentation “Online Marketing & More” with notes listed below. Presentation Online Marketing & More Overview View more presentations from Phelan Riessen Contents from the slide:Continue Reading

Customizing WordPress Themes

I recently presented “Customizing WordPress Themes” at the local San Diego Word Press user group run by Glenn Bradley. The talk was on how to include jQuery into your own WordPress themes. The slideshare presentation probably makes great reference notes for those in attendance but not so much for those who are viewing it asContinue Reading