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December Balboa Park Night Pictures

Balboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at NightBalboa Park at Night

SD Entrepreneur Day 2013

Some quick pics from SD Entrepreneur Day 2013.

US Sand Sculpting Competition 2013 San Diego

Last time I was at a Sandcastle competition was 10+ years ago when it was hosted at Imperial Beach. Now it’s located at the San Diego Harbor adjacent to the USS Midway. Personally I prefer to see sand sculpting at the beach not a parking lot. In case you missed the competition, here are theContinue Reading

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy new year from Coronado!

Customizing WordPress Themes

I recently presented “Customizing WordPress Themes” at the local San Diego Word Press user group run by Glenn Bradley. The talk was on how to include jQuery into your own WordPress themes. The slideshare presentation probably makes great reference notes for those in attendance but not so much for those who are viewing it asContinue Reading

Worst. Confirmation. Page. Ever.

If you’ve ever made a change of address on the California DMV website you’ll know what I’m talking about. For such an important website and especially for something that involves changing such crucial information you’d think they would have a better thank you confirmation page then this. Seriously.

Earthquake Aftershocks in San Diego

San Diego and much of SoCal experienced one its first major earthquakes today ranging from 6.9 to 7.2 located in Baja Mexico. Although minimal damage was reported, Twitter was the first place everyone announced it. Once the Tweetphotos are posted and the FourSquare Swarm Badges are garnered, it's time to kick back forContinue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day.

This spuds for you! Random, I know. But what better day to post a heart shaped potato? You tell me.

Polite ways to say clean up after yourself.

As seen somewhere in San Diego

What a Power Outage Looks Like At Night

On January 27th, 2010, someone crashed into a transformer around 5th and Laurel causing a power outage for 3+ hours in the Bankers Hill area of San Diego. All was black except a few businesses with power generators, headlights from cars and occasional solar powered lighting in people's yards. It was eerie but interesting noneContinue Reading