14 Ideas to Try When You Find Yourself In a Funk

On occasion I might find myself in a funk. You know that feeling of just feeling blah, aimless, listless and just overall uninspired to do anything useful like working at your job or working on a client project. It happens and it happens to the best of us. Instead of wasting the day dragging on trying to accomplish something, it’s sometimes better just to step back and do something else.

Here are a few ideas to help overcome the blahs and get back into productivity mode:

      1. Take a nap.
        Evidence suggests that naps may improve mood, alertness and performance. Napping is considered good for health and it can help with insomnia as well as fatigue.
      2. Don’t fight it. Work on something you like doing instead.
        Don’t waste time and effort fighting something you don’t like to do. If you’re going to waste effort and be inefficient, you might as well work on something that’s more productive that benefits you. So get away for a bit and work on your own thing. You might just get the ah-hah moment that can you get you back in the game just by taking a break from it.
      3. Meditate.
        To get more energy, a meditation is essential. Benefits of meditating: Increase concentration and productivity, increase creativity, improve memory recall, Improve sleep efficiency and quality, reduce fatigue, decrease stress. As we know that the aim of meditation is to get more energy by relaxing our mind. Once you relax your mind and body, your energy increases automatically because our body need more energy at that time to carry out its functions properly.
      4. Look at what got me into this place in the first place and review how to get out of it.
        Take a step back and look at the situation you’re in and see what caused you to be where you’re at. Perhaps procrastination and putting off tasks and decisions lead to a build-up of too many projects. To get out from where you are, take a few minutes and list off some solutions that will solve the underlying problem. Many times, just looking at problems from a different perspective can help you get unstuck.
      5. Stop, breathe and reset.
        Press the pause button and take a break, I know it’s hard to do, but this will help you to get more energy. Our mind takes less time while our body needs more energy. This is why we need to rest and recharge.
      6. Go for a walk.
        Walking has been shown to have various health benefits and moderate exercise can be a good way to increase your energy. It is feasible that exercise increases energy by increasing the body’s need for energy, thereby improving metabolism.
      7. Listen to high energy music.
        Whether it’s your favorite music or you step it a level, music can undoubtedly switch your mood and bump up your energy. Playing music with headphones can definitely sweep you away. I stumbled upon 8D Tunes a few years ago. This music not only takes me away but helps me focus on the task at hand.
      8. Watch motivational videos.
        There’s no end to the amount of motivational videos on YouTube and other video platforms. If you have a motivational speaker you like, go search for their videos and start watching. Personally, I’ve watched a ton of Evan Carmichael’s top 10 videos where he’ll pick a theme and capture multiple speakers in one video. Check him out or find your own.
      9. Start writing.
        Sometimes there’s nothing better than taking time to do some creative writing. I personally like to do a top a 10 things list on anything that I want to focus on. Bust out a pen and notepad and get to work.
      10. Work on a hobby.
        Similar to #2 above, simply duck out from what you’re working on and go work on your own thing. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, reorganizing your stamp collection, sometimes getting away from the task at hand is the best cure for the blahs.
      11. Clean up your office.
        Reduce distractions: A cluttered space can be visually and mentally distracting, making it harder to focus on the task at hand. By decluttering your office, you can eliminate these distractions and have a more peaceful and organized space to work in. A decluttered space is a more peaceful and calming environment, which can help you feel more relaxed and energized.
      12. Hydrate.
        It amazes me how tired, unfocused and fuzzy brained I can feel at times.  Oftentimes,  a glass of water will do the trick. Our bodies are more than 50% water and our poor brain is some 80% water. A little hydration can go a long way. Would you run your car without oil? Can it run without gas? No. Go grab a glass of water and guzzle away.
      13. Get better sleep.
        Sleep well and get up early. By getting enough sleep you will feel more energetic during the day because your body has had enough rest to function properly.
      14. Exercise.
        There’s no doubt that exercise can help increase our energy levels. Being active is essential in achieving our goals because it helps us to increase our motivation, get into shape and remain energetic throughout the day. A recent study found that physical activity increases energy by improving our hormones, which are important for cell repair.

Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and forget there are solutions to get unstuck. I hope one or more of these energy reinstatement tips works for you.