Alternative Text Ideas for Blog Category Titles

As a WordPress designer, I love to be able to shape my website into anything I want it to be. On occasion, the default title placeholders can be a little boring. In this instance, the archive pages show the title Category: [category title]. For example, the archive page for Advertisements was default titled Category: Advertisements.

To save you some time, here are a few options to title your blog’s archive pages. Some possibilities could include:

  1. “Archives” – This is a straightforward and simple title that clearly communicates the purpose of the page.
  2. “Past Posts” – This title conveys the idea that the page contains a collection of posts from the past.
  3. “Previous Entries” – This title is similar to “Past Posts,” but it might be a more formal or sophisticated option.
  4. “Older Articles” – This title could be used if you want to emphasize that the page contains older content.
  5. “Historical Posts” – This title could be a good option if your blog covers a specific topic and you want to emphasize the historical nature of the content on your archive page.

Ultimately, the best title for your blog’s archive page will depend on the tone and focus of your blog, as well as the preferences of your audience. Consider what will best suit your needs and goals when deciding on a title.

Check out this post How to Remove “Category:” in Title From Category Archive Pages if you are having trouble trying to remove the word Category from the blog archive.

Photo credit by Andrea Piacquadio