Another not so good user experience

One doesn’t have to travel too far on the Internet to find all kinds of usability wonkiness. However large corporate sites should have enough resources to make the user experience a good one. Recently, I was researching for mobile affiliates and came across AT-T’s affiliate page so I promptly filled out the request form to be an affiliate. What I got for the confirmation page was surprising or worse yet absolutely the most uneventful thank you page ever. The registration form sends a request but the confirmation page is its own page. The only way you can tell if it worked or not is when you refresh the page and it asks if you want to resend form data. Thanks AT-T for the uneventful affiliate confirmation request with nary a thank you page or even a friendly email confirmation. Don’t mind me as I spam your form until I get approved or get my IP address banned from your site. You should be able to do a little better than this.

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Michael Bastos

I think it’s interesting that you are pointing out design flaws in their architecture. Check out this article that came out about a story I remember reading about a while back.

Basically this designer Dustin got so fed up with the American Airlines site after his experience that he emailed their design team and gave them a brand new design look on what they needed to do to change their site. The irony is that he actually got an anonymous response stating that there was too much politics on the site in order for any real design change to get done. I loved it because here was a customer telling the company that they needed to change their design flaws by giving them something great to go off of, something that millions of other people couldn’t say with more than words and they just ignored it until twitter blew the story out of the water. The funny part is the site is still there and it still sucks.