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How to set up a temporary staging URLS on GoDaddy

Are you trying to stage your site before your domain name gets pointed over to your GoDaddy hosted account? Probably like me, you may be frustrated with how difficult it is to set up a staging area to view your site. And GoDaddy doesn’t offer this information, so hopefully this post will save you some […]

Hallowed Eve Font Now Available

Introducing the Hallowed Eve typeface perfect for designing Halloween banners, digital flyers, party announcements, shirts, and anything you need for a scary emphasis. You can purchase the font here.

How To Transfer Domains to Register.com

Let’s just get this out in the open. I am not a fan of transferring or registering domains with Register.com. Their admin panel is clunky and outdated, domain pricing is unknown until you register a user name, and to be honest their service was rude both times I called in. But let’s say you still […]

How to Remove Xmarks From Chrome

LastPass recently announced they are dropping their Xmarks bookmark sync extension leaving their users with an unusable browser extension as of May 1st, 2018. If you don’t know what Xmarks is, it allows you to backup and sync your bookmarks and open tabs across computers and browsers for $10 a year. Booooo! Instead of killing […]

Ugly Sweater Font and Icons Set

The Ugly Sweater Font and Icons Set is here and available for sale. With this Ugly Sweater Font, you can quickly design your own cheesy, funny, snarky, or clever Christmas cards, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs or anything your heart desires.

Dealing with Sucuri Alerts

If you own a WordPress website and have the Sucuri plugin installed, there’s a good chance you may have received email alerts stating there was an attempted login with the following message like this: “Explanation: Someone failed to login to your site. If you are getting too many of these messages, it is likely your […]

How to Delete Facebook Business Page Posts Using Business Manager

Frustrated with wasting your time looking around on Facebook for how the hell to delete a post on a business page? You’re not alone and all the Facebook help pages are totally useless. If you’re looking to delete Facebook Business Page posts using Business Manager, this is how you do it. It’s simple really, once […]