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Customizing WordPress Themes

I recently presented “Customizing WordPress Themes” at the local San Diego Word Press user group run by Glenn Bradley. The talk was on how to include jQuery into your own WordPress themes. The slideshare presentation probably makes great reference notes for those in attendance but not so much for those who are viewing it as […]

Gawker hack and Hint.io?

As most people already know, Gawker’s commenting accounts were compromised recently resulting in some Twitter accounts to be hacked with tweets to acai spam websites. Fun times for those that got hacked, the developers who get to work overtime fixing everything and everyone else that has to deal with changing their passwords and the rest […]

Outlook Calendar Recurrence Problem

Creating events in Outlook calendar works fine on my Dell laptop. Editing the event after posting it the first time creates a huge bug which I blamed MS Outlook for the last couple of years. Basically Outlook automatically posts the same event recurring every day for an infinite amount of time. THIS DROVE ME NUTS! […]

On Federal Regulation Of Bank Overdraft Fees

Starting this summer (July 1st for new cards and August 15th for existing accounts) customers will have to opt-in to get overdraft protection on their account. My bank calls it Courtesy Approval Service. It looks to me banks are pushing hard to make sure everyone enjoys the convenience of Courtesy Approval.

Another not so good user experience

One doesn’t have to travel too far on the Internet to find all kinds of usability wonkiness. However large corporate sites should have enough resources to make the user experience a good one. Recently, I was researching for mobile affiliates and came across AT-T’s affiliate page so I promptly filled out the request form to […]

Worst. Confirmation. Page. Ever.

If you’ve ever made a change of address on the California DMV website you’ll know what I’m talking about. For such an important website and especially for something that involves changing such crucial information you’d think they would have a better thank you confirmation page then this. Seriously.