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Bulls On Parade – Lamborghini Show

What could possibly be better than seeing a Lamborghini cruising down the street? How about 25 of them at street show? I can think of few other things actually but the Lamborghini show in Little Italy helped reinforce my desire to generate more money so I can some day satisfy my childhood dreams of owning […]

This WordPress theme is tired

It's time for a new WordPress theme. This one was cool for a few but got really stale after a while. I'm looking for input on a new design, colors,  and components. Let me know what you think I should include on the site.

Flip Ultra Contest

AnyLuckyDay.com is putting on a contest for a Flip video camcorder. It’s the smallest camcorder available on the market to my knowledge. Sign up for this contest and others on AnyLuckyDay.com Flip Video Camcorder contest.

Taking Traditional Business to the Web

Recently I came across a new online service which I found kinda cool. It’s a fresh new look on a very old business model: Maid service and house cleaning. BidMyCleaning is an impressive bidding site where you can request bids for anything from monthly house cleaning, carpet cleaning, to window cleaning and more. https://youtube.com/watch?v=kMlbD09aAyQ%26hl%3Den%26fs%3D1 The […]

Joe the Plumber – New found celebrity?

Joe the plumber has just gained national attention. Joe was minding his own business trying to make 250k a year at his company, plumbing drains, installing sinks, unclogging toilets and after he’s done working for the day, he goes home to his much needed six pack of beer and watches good ol’ sports, his favorite […]

welcome to my world

On occasion, I’ll come across something odd, something funny or something that just doesn’t seem right. With a little creativity, focus, fun and a little help from you, we can make this place a better place to live in. Grab an rss feed and check back soon. Phelan