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Themerous : Custom Social Network Theming

As serial entrepreneurs, it seems ideas flow through our heads faster than the Hudson River. Yes, ideas can be a dime a dozen. So…it's all in the execution. Recently a discussion was had with my awesome business partner at Digithrive, Enrique Gutierrez. We started talking how cool Posterous is and on so many levels. With that said, we decided to launch Themerous. The cool thing is, we were able to launch the site from start to finish including domain name registration, hosting, theme, content, conversion to XHTML and pop it into Digithrive's CMS Projexr.

Themerous is our custom social network theming site where we offer branding, theming, and any customization of sites such as Twitter, Posterous, MySpace (yes I said it) and even WordPress themeing.  Whether you run a small personal blog, just starting to get into social media with your business or are a fortune 500 company looking to make your presence on the net as best as it can be, let Themerous be your solution.

Themerous Custom Social Network Theming

How Many Mistakes Can You Find?

He takes pride in his works, but not in proofreading. How many mistakes will you accept before you say no way I'm not doing any business with you? I'm not sure about you, but if I see one misspelling on a printed flier or marketing piece and its off to the round file for me.

Misspellings Galore

Double check your work, you don't get a second chance.

Bulls On Parade – Lamborghini Show

What could possibly be better than seeing a Lamborghini cruising down the street? How about 25 of them at street show?

Lamborghini Show In Little Italy

I can think of few other things actually but the Lamborghini show in Little Italy helped reinforce my desire to generate more money so I can some day satisfy my childhood dreams of owning one of these bad boys. It'll probably be right around my mid life crisis when I finally can afford one, but hey I gotta shoot for something. I've loved these cars ever since I saw pictures of a Lamborghini Countach in the mid 70's. For the win!

Scratching My Head

Parking in an urban environment can be a bitch. My truck was already parked and somehow the white car did must have done a 50 point turn to parallel park there.

How did they fit in there?

Taking Traditional Business to the Web

Recently I came across a new online service which I found kinda cool. It’s a fresh new look on a very old business model: Maid service and house cleaning. BidMyCleaning is an impressive bidding site where you can request bids for anything from monthly house cleaning, carpet cleaning, to window cleaning and more.

The reason I’m writing this short post is two fold. One, I really dislike cleaning. Two, I wonder what your business model looks like. Do you think out of the box with your business? Maybe it’s time to start thinking less traditional and more creative. It’s time for me to do the same and push my limits in both creativity and efforts.

Joe the Plumber – New found celebrity?

Joe the Plumber - Exceeds Bandwidth

Joe the plumber has just gained national attention. Joe was minding his own business trying to make 250k a year at his company, plumbing drains, installing sinks, unclogging toilets and after he’s done working for the day, he goes home to his much needed six pack of beer and watches good ol’ sports, his favorite shows and politics. And guess what, Joe finds himself smack dab right in the center of the spotlight.

Joe the plumber had nothing to do with his new found fame though. See, he’s been labeled by the politicians as Joe the plumber, Joe six pack, and really, he’s Joe all American. Joe represents a majority of the working and business class population that makes 250k a year at his business…so they say.

Making 250k a year is great if that’s his personal take home salary, but seriously, that’s either a whole helluva lot of work for one person, or he’s charging a lot for his services. Joe could certainly charge competitive rates, but that takes employees. Joe himself, can’t work 24 hours a day.

Let’s also account for how Joe get’s all of his business. Word of mouth surely doesn’t bring in 250k worth of sales. It takes advertising. Lots of advertising. Yellow pages, pay per click, repeat customers, word of mouth and a decent website, which sorry to say, Joe needs to work on. Flip side, he’s just achieved more free publicity then he could ever handle for just being himself: Joe the plumber.

So while it appears that Joe’s making tons of money, he really isn’t. In fact with a plumbing van expense, auto insurance, employees, cost of goods, advertising, rent, utilities, taxes, fuel costs, health insurance, mortgages, beer and food expenses and more, he’s probably in the hole or just making ends meet.

And thanks to his new found celebrity status, millions of people are visiting Joe’s website to see if he really does exist, and he does, but he’ll be getting a nice bill from his hosting services and also his government. Yes, the decisions being made for him are adding to the national debt by the second.

Congratulations Joe, I hope you pay off your debt now with your new found publicity. You’re going to need it.