Cracked Paint Font Added

I am pleased to announce the Cracked Paint font is now available for downloads. This font was designed around 2009 but has been unavailable for several years. I hope to have some upgrades to it within the next year as time permits.

Hallowed Eve Font Now Available

Introducing the Hallowed Eve typeface perfect for designing Halloween banners, digital flyers, party announcements, shirts, and anything you need for a scary emphasis.

You can purchase the font here.

Ugly Sweater Font and Icons Set

The Ugly Sweater Font and Icons Set is here and available for sale.

With this Ugly Sweater Font, you can quickly design your own cheesy, funny, snarky, or clever Christmas cards, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs or anything your heart desires.

New Halloween Font

Halloween Too for Sale

New Halloween font available for download. Click for details on the Halloween Too font or purchase it here.

Halloween Font Download

Halloween font available for $5 download. Click here to purchase Halloween font directly or click below to get more details.

Halloween Font Download

Scary Halloween Font - Lettering Set

Social Icons – Pro Sets

Social icons, they are used everywhere on websites and in print. The primary issue is there aren’t very many updated icon font sets that include the latest social sites. Sure these social icon sets include the most popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest but many social networking sites are missing. Furthermore many of these social icon sets lack consistentency with overall design elements, thus Social Icons Pro Set v1 – Rounded was born.

Feel free to download this Social Icon set from my Dafont page and use it for personal or commercial use and make sure to check out the other fonts I’ve created on my fonts page.

Social Icons Fontset - Pro Set 1

Many thanks to Alex Peattie for doing much of the legwork by putting together the vector icon sets. This set would have taken many many more hours to get this font set created otherwise.

Download free social icons font set on Dafont: Social Icons Pro Set  Part 1 – Rounded

Stay tuned for Social Icons – Pro Set Part 2 – Rounded with many more social sites that weren’t included in this first set.

Here’s the map/key for each icon in case you’re not familiar with the social site’s logo icons.

0 – Email
1 – Phone
2 – FAQ
3 – Information
4 – RSS
5 – Home
6 – Left Arrow
7 – Right Arrow
8 – @ symbol
9 – Up arrow
@ – Like button
A – Behance
B – Bebo
C – Daily Booth
D – Digg
E – Delicious
F – Facebook Locations
G – Google+
H – Hyves
I – GitHub
J – Google Talk
K – Grooveshark
L – Flickr
M – MySpace
N – Netlog
O – Picassa
P – Pinterest
Q – Quora
R – Retweet
S – StumbleUpon
T – Twitter
U – Tumblr
V – Virb
W – w3
X – Wikipedia
Y – YouTube
Z – ZooTool
a – Arto
b – Blogger
c – CafeMom
d – Digg
e – FourSquare
f – Facebook
g – Google
h – hi5
i – Deviant Art
j – Friendster
k – Kik
l – LinkedIn
m – Meetup
n – Ning
o – Orkut
p – Pinterest
q – Quora
r – Reddit
s – Spotify
t – twitter
u – Tagged
v – Vimeo
w – WordPress
x – Xing
y – Yelp
z – Zerply

Announcing New Site Launch and New Font Set

These Brushtastic brand cracked paint fonts are the latest lettering font sets inspired from the Photoshop brushes on Digithrive’s new product site: Brushtastic. This font set was inspired by some awesome sunbeat old parking lot numbers layered on cracked pavement. This Brushtastic brand font contains 0 through 10 with uppercase letters A through Z. To check out more fonts by Phelan visit his fonts portfolio page. Click HERE to purchase this font for $20 in .TTF and WOFF format.

Brushtastic Cracked Paint Font