Earthquake Aftershocks in San Diego

Chillin in SoCal and Feeling the Aftershocks.

San Diego and much of SoCal experienced one its first major earthquakes today ranging from 6.9 to 7.2 located in Baja Mexico. Although minimal damage was reported, Twitter was the first place everyone announced it. Once the Tweetphotos are posted and the FourSquare Swarm Badges are garnered, it's time to kick back for a beer and a few aftershocks. Cheers!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

This spuds for you!

Heart Shaped Potato

Heart Shaped Potato

Random, I know. But what better day to post a heart shaped potato? You tell me.

Polite ways to say clean up after yourself.

Don't throw your cigarettes on the floor, the cockroaches are getting cancer.
As seen somewhere in San Diego

What a Power Outage Looks Like At Night

Power Outage At Night

On January 27th, 2010, someone crashed into a transformer around 5th and Laurel causing a power outage for 3+ hours in the Bankers Hill area of San Diego. All was black except a few businesses with power generators, headlights from cars and occasional solar powered lighting in people's yards. It was eerie but interesting none the less.

If I need money. I’m going to rabobank


Furry Critter Caught Hiding Under Our Bed

We caught this guy hiding underneath our bed.

Furry Critter Hiding Under Our Bed

How Many Mistakes Can You Find?

He takes pride in his works, but not in proofreading. How many mistakes will you accept before you say no way I'm not doing any business with you? I'm not sure about you, but if I see one misspelling on a printed flier or marketing piece and its off to the round file for me.

Misspellings Galore

Double check your work, you don't get a second chance.

Bulls On Parade – Lamborghini Show

What could possibly be better than seeing a Lamborghini cruising down the street? How about 25 of them at street show?

Lamborghini Show In Little Italy

I can think of few other things actually but the Lamborghini show in Little Italy helped reinforce my desire to generate more money so I can some day satisfy my childhood dreams of owning one of these bad boys. It'll probably be right around my mid life crisis when I finally can afford one, but hey I gotta shoot for something. I've loved these cars ever since I saw pictures of a Lamborghini Countach in the mid 70's. For the win!