Earthquake Aftershocks in San Diego

Chillin in SoCal and Feeling the Aftershocks.

San Diego and much of SoCal experienced one its first major earthquakes today ranging from 6.9 to 7.2 located in Baja Mexico. Although minimal damage was reported, Twitter was the first place everyone announced it. Once the Tweetphotos are posted and the FourSquare Swarm Badges are garnered, it's time to kick back for a beer and a few aftershocks. Cheers!

Remove Connections on LinkedIn

Do you have connections in your social network that always take but never give back? Are they always spouting off endless and useless information? Do they set their microblogs on auto post 24 hours a day but never take a break so they can simply gain followers? You're not alone.

Recently I got fed up with a contact I had helped out in the past. I extended my hand in friendship but the friendship and favors were hardly reciprocated. I tried and tried again over the course of a couple of years but I just wasn't feeling the love so I finally gave in.

Thanks to Dave Taylor's post on how to delete a contact in LinkedIn, I was able to remove the connection. Dave's post was slightly dated and partially confusing so I decided to repost with an easier "how to" remove connections on LinkedIn.

Step 1.

Login to your LinkedIn account. You will be directed to the LinkedIn dashboard. In the center area on the navigation, click on Contacts and then My Connections from the drop down menu.

How to remove connections and contacts on LinkedIn

Step 2.

Once you're on the Contacts page, you should see the Remove Connections link on the right side. Click on it and it will take you to the Remove Connections page.

How to remove connections and contacts on LinkedIn

Step 3.

Use the vertical alphabetical navigation on the left side of the Remove Connections list. Locate the connection you want to remove. Select the check box next to it. Click on the blue button on the right side Remove Connections.

How to remove connections and contacts on LinkedIn

Step 4.

Final step, there will be a pop up window confirming you want to remove the LinkedIn connection. Click on the blue Yes, remove them button and you're done!

How to remove connections and contacts on LinkedIn

Now go enjoy some peace and quiet without someone auto posting 20 times per hour.