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Commercial Use License Information

There are four commercial use licensing options available for Phelan Riessen’s fonts: Each license comes with its own terms and conditions, so please contact me if you have any questions before purchase a license. Font licenses are non-refundable.

Single License, Limited Usage

Single licenses can be obtained simply by paying for a font. This license is for limited visibility less than 100,000 views. You may:
  • Use on most any media project including print, text, and web.
  • Create and sell a product which includes the font integrated into the final product. Some examples include t-shirts, prints, cards, eBooks, and paper printed books.
  • Use in creating marketing material for your business. Examples include previews, ads, business cards, logos, schwag, and promotional products.
You may not:
  • Sell, resell, give away, redistribute, claim as your own or copy any of these fonts. Redistribution also includes providing a font or fonts on a server for anyone to download.
  • Create customizable applications, editable applications or templates where the end user can create their own product such as t-shirts, printed products, phone apps, promotional products, .pdf templates, eBooks, and photo books.
  • Create a derivative product and sell or giveaway as your own such as embroidery font, copy in a font creation app, etc.

Single Extended Usage License

Usage rates apply in cases where fonts will have exposure to a large amount of views 100,000+ for street banners, TV commercials, aerial advertising. Send a request first then use the custom price below.

Multiple Commercial Fonts Licenses

  • The same rules and restrictions in the above single license apply for multiple licenses.
  • If you need more than one license for your team, multiple computers or installations, simply change the quantity needed and post your payment.

Server/Design Commercial License

A special designer/server license is required for those sites or applications where the end user can design their own product such as T-shirts, eBooks, photo books, business cards/logos, apparel where they can print it out or have the final product delivered to them free or purchased. The price is per font used and is perpetual to a site.

Commercial Font License Payment Form

If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing a license as they are non-refundable.