Gawker hack and

As most people already know, Gawker’s commenting accounts were compromised recently resulting in some Twitter accounts to be hacked with tweets to acai spam websites. Fun times for those that got hacked, the developers who get to work overtime fixing everything and everyone else that has to deal with changing their passwords and the rest of the hassle.

In addition to all this, I received an email from with a similar message. Not knowing if I even have a gawker account or for that matter now, a account I had to search for what the heck is too. Fortunately, Ruth Suehle did the legwork and posted her thoughts on’s email blast.

Although’s email may be legit, it’s definitely not cool to be opportunistic in light of such events. Here’s two things I would have done differently:
1) Don’t use tracking links in your email for this purpose. I can’t tell what the true link is and looks very spammy.
2) Explain yourself better. We get enough phishers and spammers in addition to all the other emails we get everyday. You only compound the issue.

Hopefully they’ll get it right next time (by not emailing).