How to Get 30% on Your Wix Renewal

Renew Your Wix Subscription and Save Money: Insider Trick

Most of my friends and clients know I am a huge fan of WordPress for it’s ease of development and flexibility however over at my web design agency we work with other content management platforms such as Wix.

Pricing for Wix starts at $16 per month and goes up from there.

On one occasion, a client of mine was up or annual renewal on Wix. They were on the Wix VIP plan for $588.00 a year. With Wix’s new pricing they are set to pay $708.00 annually or $59 a month.

Although this price isn’t terrible for a business expense, I think we all appreciate a good deal and enjoy finding ways to save money whenever possible.

If you’re currently on Wix and are up for renewal, I have a little insider trick to save you 30% on your Wix renewal.

Follow these steps to save bucks on your next Wix renewal:

  1. Login to your Wix account
  2. Go to your Subscriptions page
  3. Click on the 3 dots next to your payment method
  4. Click “Cancel Plan” (this will pop up a window)
  5. This window confirms whether you really really want to cancel the plan
  6. Click “Cancel Now” and a new window will pop up asking why you want to cancel
  7. Click on the dropdown and select any of these options:
    • I found an alternative to Wix
    • Price / Budget
    • Couldn’t finish my site
    • Other

  8. Once you select one of the reasons, click on the Renew Now button to get your 30% off Wiz renewal and enjoy your savings

If you’re a Wix user up for renewal, using this insider trick to cancel your plan and renewing with this option will save you 30% on your renewal. It’s a simple process that can be completed through your Wix account, and the savings are worth taking advantage of. Remember to be careful not to cancel your account if you intend to keep your site.

Need help with your Wix site? Reach out and let’s talk.