How to Opt Out of Uline’s Mailing List

If you’re a registered business, you’re likely to find yourself on Uline’s mailing list. These catalogs seem to come in once a quarter or so. They can be fun to peruse through however they end up laying around the office. They are also bulky and probably cost Uline a ton of money to send out.

If you don’t know, Uline is an American company that specializes in the distribution of shipping, industrial, and packaging materials. Uline offers a wide range of products including cardboard boxes, tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, mailing tubes, stretch wrap, and other shipping supplies. In addition to shipping supplies, Uline also provides industrial and warehouse equipment such as shelving, carts, and safety products.

I have received these catalogs off and on throughout the years but have never actually ordered any from them so I found it time to finally opt out of their mailing list. I know I won’t save a tree but perhaps if enough businesses opt out, we can collectively save a tree or three.

To opt out of Uline’s mailers, go to their Mailing Preference page and fill out your info and submit.