How to Pause Stripe Billing Subscriptions

If you use Stripe for your billing and subscriptions, there may come a time when a client or member requests for billing to be paused.

Whether you received payment by check or alternative methods, did a trade for services, pausing pay while they are out of town (not really my problem but hey, we can still accommodating about it), or simply out of funds, there is indeed a way to pause Stripe subscriptions.

I Googled around and wasted over an hour searching for “how to pause billing subscription stripe” but only Stripe development docs showed up and YouTube seemed to ignore this request too. There was this tweet hinting on the possibility but their link went to the same dev docs I already read through. Once I found the solution, I thought I’d share this for you in case you need to pause your own Stripe subscription.

Here’s how to pause Stripe billing:

  1. Login to Stripe and go to Customers. Click on the customer you want to pause.

  2. Click on the three dots under the Subscriptions section. Click on Pause payment collection in the dropdown. Select Until a custom date.

  3. Update the date to pause payment collection for however long you need to. Billing will resume after that date. Press Pause and you’re done.

  4. Once you paused the subscription, check under the billing tab to make sure the account is actually paused.

That’s it! I hope found this helpful on pausing a Stripe subscription.