How to Remove “Category:” in Title From Category Archive Pages

There may be times when you may want to remove the word “Category:” from your WordPress archives pages.

After looking through a bunch of comments on various forums and posts, there seems to be a lot of complaints of it not working the way it should.

Here are a few steps to removing this annoying default Category text.

  • Install a child theme manually.
    You should install a child theme before instead of modifying the parent theme. Here’s WordPress’s instructions on how to create a child theme for your blog.
  • Install a child theme using a plugin.
    Alternatively, you can install the Child Theme Creator by Orbisius plugin which creates a Child theme for you. Install, run it then delete the plugin once your child theme is created.
  • Add this code snippet from WordPress to your functions.php file:
					function wporg_remove_category_title( $title ) {
if ( is_category() ) {
$title = single_cat_title( '', false );
return $title;
add_filter( 'remove_the_archive_title', 'wporg_remove_category_title' );
  • Clear your cache and refresh your browser. You should now see that “Category:” has been removed from your archives page.

Have Elementor Pro?

To remove the Category from your archive feed page using a layout builder like Elementor, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to Templates > Theme Builder and select the Archives option.
  • Create a new Archive template or edit an existing one.
  • Edit the Archive Title as desired.
  • In the Settings tab, uncheck the “Include Context” button.
  • Save the template to apply the changes. Your archive posts should no longer display the Category information.
  • Consider experimenting with different Before and After Archive Titles for added creativity.
  • Add a description under your title and start blogging away.