How to Uninstall CGAPlay

In the course of searching for video editing software, I came across CGAPlay aptly titled “Video producer editor/maker. Film studio” on Sourceforge. After reading the description, I installed CGAPlay and had some quick realizations:

  1. It did not seem to work
  2. It was not a good fit if it did
  3. It installed in my localhost
  4. It does not have an uninstall function

DesktopServerWhile I appreciate developers that are willing to spend time creating apps and open sourcing them for all to use, this suddenly became a nuisance to me. Why? Because I develop WordPress sites locally using a really cool app called DesktopServer made by ServerPress. CGAPlay suddenly blocked DesktopServer from working.

It took a while to figure this out but after looking at my downloads folder and identifying the download date for “Movie-Animation_studio.Setup.oud.exe” on 9/20/2015, I was able to search for files and folders added the same day. There were two folders added: “php” and “Apache Software Foundation”.
Apache Software Foundation

Here’s how to uninstall or stop CGAPlay from creating havoc on Xampp or Xampplite on your PC.

First things first. Make sure Apache is not running. Open up Task Manager and end any instances of Apache HTTP Servers.
Apache HTTP Server

Once Apache is stopped, go to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\ and rename the folder to anything besides “Apache Software Foundation”. I usually add a capital X so I can quickly scan folder and file types and see that I’ve made a change to them. This should resolve any conflicts between Xampplite and or DesktopServer. Once you are sure this won’t break anything else, you should be able to delete the folder.

Renaming or deleting the “php” folder in the C:\ folder should not affect DesktopServer one way or another. Rename and check it first before deleting.

I hope this helps you save some time and effort in removing CGAPlay from your localhost.