Options to Manage Multiple WordPress Installations

If you have multiple installations of WordPress sites across various hosts and are tired of managing and updating them one site at a time, look no further. The following is a list of solutions to help you update all of your WordPress installations all from one location.

Application 10 sites 30 sites 50 sites comments website
CMS Commander $12 $20 $30 Offers many options more info
iControlWP $15 $29 $49 Charges .85 to $1.20 for each additional site more info
InfiniteWP free free free Self hosted and has upgrade options more info
iThemes Sync $50 $50 $90 Offers 10 site updates for free more info
JetPack Site Management free free free Requires JetPack plugin and WordPress.com access more info
MainWP free free free Offers paid extensions more info
ManageWP $21 $60 $75 Offers variable pricing depending on qty of sites more info
My Sites Manager free free free Utilizes a plugin and is currently free more info
WP Remote free free free Plugin hasn't been updated and no support more info
WP SiteStack $37 $37 $37 Updates only one host instance more info
WPDash $18 $30 $100 Has auto updates; no middle ground pricing more info
WP Pipeline Charges $9.97 a month more info

*Note: Not all price options fit into the 10, 30, and 50 site updates.

Of course updating WordPress isn’t the end all requirement to manage WordPress. Many of the applications above offer upgraded services which provide automated backups, up-time notifications and monitoring, analytics, client reporting, post content and more.

What’s your favorite application to manage multiple WordPress installations?