Outlook Calendar Recurrence Problem

Creating events in Outlook calendar works fine on my Dell laptop. Editing the event after posting it the first time creates a huge bug which I blamed MS Outlook for the last couple of years. Basically Outlook automatically posts the same event recurring every day for an infinite amount of time. THIS DROVE ME NUTS! But apparently not enough to simply Google it and find the solution. I finally found it and apparently it was Dell all along to blame. Grrrr…

Here’s the solution posted on Egghead Cafe. If you own a Dell and have Outlook 2003, you probably have this problem. Simply uninstall “outlookaddinsetup” from your programs list and you’re good to go.  Special thanks to Google Suggest which provides key terms you may not ordinarily think of and Graeme who took the time and found a fix for Outlook’s recurrence problem.