How to stop AT&T from sending mailers and advertisements

AT&T has been sending me relentless amounts of AT&T U-verse letters in the mail without any opt-out addresses to respond to. After a quick search on the Interwebs, I found this post on how to opt out of AT&T’s mailers.

Although the post had some great information I still don’t think it should be this hard to opt-out.

Please comment below if you know a better way to opt out. In the meantime here’s a few different methods from their post if you are a current AT&T customer:

  • Contact Information to address concerns- clicked on contact us- NO PHONE NUMBER. -but buried in text is a list of phone numbers –Contact
  • Email-Please e-mail us at or write to AT&T Privacy Policy Manager, 208 South Akard, 27th Floor, Room 2750.04, Dallas, TX 75202 to address any concerns you may have about our privacy practices and policies.

If you are a not a AT&T customer:

Determined to be opt out, I emailed AT&T at their privacy policy email asking them how would be the best way to remove an address from their ad campaign. Surprisingly, I received a quick response from them in about 25 minutes. Their email said:

Thank you for writing the AT&T Privacy Policy Mailbox. Please provide your wireless telephone number and mailing address and we will process your request.

While we will strive to honor your request, you may receive an occasional mailing. To the extent that you receive unwanted U.S. Mail from any source, it is hoped you can make it available to a paper recycling program.


AT&T Privacy Policy Inbox Manager

I promptly replied back with the respective information and received another email the next day confirming the removal:

Thank you for providing the requested information. Your request for Do-Not-Mail has been submitted for AT&T. Please allow up to 30 business days for the process to complete.


AT&T Privacy Policy Inbox Manager

Kudos to AT&T for having a process to get names and addresses removed from their mail list, but seriously it shouldn’t be this difficult. In this day and age of automation this process should be much much easier.