Themerous : Custom Social Network Theming

As serial entrepreneurs, it seems ideas flow through our heads faster than the Hudson River. Yes, ideas can be a dime a dozen. So…it’s all in the execution. Recently a discussion was had with my awesome business partner at Digithrive, Enrique Gutierrez. We started talking how cool Posterous is and on so many levels. With that said, we decided to launch Themerous. The cool thing is, we were able to launch the site from start to finish including domain name registration, hosting, theme, content, conversion to XHTML and pop it into Digithrive’s CMS Projexr.

Themerous is our custom social network theming site where we offer branding, theming, and any customization of sites such as Twitter, Posterous, MySpace (yes I said it) and even WordPress themeing.  Whether you run a small personal blog, just starting to get into social media with your business or are a fortune 500 company looking to make your presence on the net as best as it can be, let Themerous be your solution.

Themerous Custom Social Network Theming

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Michael Bastos

Great idea, if this does well you should also consider moving towards prepackaging designs and selling them. So basically if I buy a WordPress theme from you I also get a twitter background, a facebook image that makes my Facebook Page image look transparent as well as all the stuff I need to change over my myspace with the same look. You have no idea how many marketing companies would love to lease on a completed product like that for their clients. You can also throw in a business card and other simple themes to go with their site design full package.