What’s a T-shirt Worth to Me?

Having been in the T-shirt printing business for 18+ years I’m very selective with the shirts I purchase for myself since I have a ton of them. Having said that I’ve been on the prowl for new shirts since being on a T-shirt buying hiatus for quite some time.

Being a web designer I thought I’d peruse through the WordPress store see if they offered any better shirt designs from the last time I looked. Low and behold I finally found one I liked; The WordPress Galaxy T-shirt!

Well after ordering from HelloMerch I get the usual business that my order was sent in a little email with tracking link. Cool! Then everything went down from there.

I was out of the office for a while since I was in the process of moving my residence to Poway. I finally get back to my office and there’s no package. WTF? But wait, there’s no time to check on this. It’s December and with the holidays, I’ll check back into it later…where was that email notification, which email did I use, when….?

I reach out to Hello Merch on Dec 22nd and receive a response from Tom on Dec 29th a week later. OK it’s the holidays, I get it. Our correspondence goes back and forth and eventually Tom says it’s out of his hands. USPS said they delivered so talk to them. Alright, makes sense, no deals or offers here.

Fast forward to January 2nd I call USPS and get through their support after only a few minutes. After giving them the details they give me the we’ll have someone call you back within 24 hours. Wow, cool, what great service…

So on January 16th, I finally get a moment to check back in with them since I hadn’t heard back from them within a reasonable amount of time. I speak to a representative and they say since it’s been past the 24 hours I need to call their USPS Consumer Affairs local number. Apparently they have a parent organization that keeps the USPS inline. Pretty cool but seems like an unnecessary bureaucratic level to keep another organization in place but whatever, I just want my shirt.

I spoke to Loretta who took a few moments to understand what the heck is going on and why I should even call them at all. Once she got it, she went through a few things that could be done then reached out to my post office. She said they’d contact me and if not call her back by 3:00…someone’s gonna get a lashing apparently.

You’re probably wondering why not drop the whole thing or buy another shirt. Well it’s really the principle of the whole thing. Our postal person has lost mail for us before. Really, it shouldn’t be that hard though. I’m also curious on how far one has to go when mail doesn’t get delivered. What’s the outcome? Financial? Apologies? I’m S.O.L.?

Lessons Learned

  • When there’s a problem, act quicker.